About Riverina Redneck Rally

Teams once entered and approved will depart from Hillston in their cars following directions given to them on that day in this amazing and fun 5 day charity fundraising event. Teams will fundraise for Country Hope, a family centred support organisation for children diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Then simply be prepared for an adventure in which the memories will last a lifetime.

What do I need?

Simply find a reliable car making sure it is registered, insured and air conditioned for the soft ones amongst us and ready to go on an adventure. You will only need a car (2wd) , as 4WD not allowed as this is a car rally not an offroad rally. However there will be rough and corrugated roads so be prepared. If you want to modify your vehicle i.e; bash plates,shocks etc that is up to you, however it is not needed.

Each day you will be issued with the days next planned stopover destination you will travel to and with time permitting we will stop at schools,councils etc to show our support to their towns . We will the make the directions as simple as possible for the people who cannot follow directions. But dont worry you shouldnt get lost as there will be a support vehicle behind each team to help you along the way. Well thats as long as support can follow directions too!!

When does the rally start?

On 5th March 2018 Riverina Redneck Rally will leave Hillston and return to Darlington Point on March 9th. The rally will be a 5 day journey into the unknown. You will need to be at Hillston early Sunday afternoon for the briefing and pre rally organisation of Redneck Teams. And at the end of the rally in Darlington Point we will meet up at the Darlington Point Sports Club and a final Dinner and Presentation to finish off.

Registrations open Monday 8th May 2017 and close Tuesday 1st August 2017 (get in early as numbers are limited)

Registration costs are $600 per team of 2. To be paid for upon acceptance into Riverina Redneck Rally and this also includes your t-shirt,stubby holder and other goodies.

  • Food and accommodation approximately $600 per team, an invoice will be issued in November 2017.
  • Fuel Budget for about 2500 kms.
  • So this means that total cost of rally is only $600 per person for 5 days of fun,mayhem and memories.

Meals & camping

This trip is not designed to be sleeping in 4 star accommodation, you will be camping under the stars in this amazing outback experience (no motels) therefore you will need to bring your own swag , tent,etc. We will organise 3 meals a day so you will not starve in the outback. There will be camping available at Hillston and Darlington Point for the start and finish.


Riverina Redneck Rally is designed to raise much needed funds for Country Hope. Once you are accepted into rally you will be given details to sign up to My Cause webpage to fundraise for Country Hope.

Teams must raise $2500 to participate in the rally ( hopefully you will aim higher than this) . How you run your fundraiser is up to you.

Redneck Teams

These are the groups of cars that have been designated to a team. These teams will comprise of 5 to 10 cars depending on numbers.These teams are to stay together during the course of the rally to support each other. You will find that the people within these teams the friendship and camaraderie of this rally will carry on long after the rally ends. Just like the saying friends that play together stay together. It is up to you and your teams what fun you want to have while on the road whether it be roadside cricket, football, swimming or just water ballooning the other Redneck Teams its up to you.

Now for the Cars

2 drivers per car – this is not negotiable

Your cars are not going to be the greatest most reliable piece of machinery you have ever came into contact with, and the majority of them are definitely not going to know what hit them, especially on some of the roads, some cars will make it others will not. Cars that encounter mechanical issues will be trailered by support crews to the next camp location, if repairable by all of the self confessed bush mechanics then all good, however if not repairable the owner can place it on one of the trailers if they are still available to transport back to rally end location, owner must help with travel expense of the towing support vehicle if they want to keep vehicle (thus the reason for having a cheap but reliable car), and this is the reason for two people per car.

Your car is a rolling billboard for your team and your sponsors so make sure it is ready for an adventure.